How will you take action?

6 months ago

Taking Action

In the International Baccalaureate program, it is believed that every student has the right and should have the opportunity to take action. One way students can take action is through service, making a difference in the lives of others and the environment. This can be service to fellow students, to the larger community, both in and outside of school. Service is a way in which students exhibit their commitment to the learner profile and the attitudes IB learners strive to be. 


Document all service hours in order to be eligible for recognition events, end of year service recognition and community awards. Hours are documented under the "International Baccalaureate Program" tab on the homepage of the CECA website.  Please see Mrs. Stahl or Mrs. Bernier if you have questions. 

Number of Hours

K-2: 10 hours

3-5: 15 hours

6-8: 20 hours

YES: Volunteering at church, Scouts, or non-profit organization

YES: Service learning in the classroom. Teachers plan service related units that may coincide with their units. (Toy donations, shoe collections, writing letters to government officials etc..)

YES: Volunteering in your classroom or school event

YES: Club or personal action. Running or volunteering in a club.

YES: Joining a club that focuses on community service (KKids, Builders Club)

YES: Joining an outside organization like Scouts, Jr. Marines etc...

YES: Performing for or serving the community. Marching in a parade, singing for an organization

YES: Design a campaign or service event. The planning and managing a donation drive to benefit the school, community, nation or world can count toward service hours.