Common Core Math Help

5 years ago

Math Help is A click away

There are thousands of sites that can help you and your student master difficult math concepts--we have collected some of the best for you below

By Joe Mead

KAHN Academy

This is the place to go if you are struggling with a particular math topic.  You can go through the paced material, or you can simply type in the title of a concept you are struggling with at the time.

Engage NY

Go straight to the source!  Follow this link to the Engage NY, our K-5 math curriculum.  Find videos and written explanation by grade level.

Ten Marks

Ten Marks is an adaptable math program that assess where students are, including math knowledge gaps, and assigns a pacing guide for their particular strengths and weaknesses.  Every student at CECA has a free student account!  If your teacher isn't using Ten Marks in the classroom, come to the office to get your own login information.

First in Math

Practice your procedural math skills to build fluency by playing fun math games that increase in difficulty as your skills grow.