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I am so excited to begin this new year with your family! I hope you enjoyed a fun summer break and are ready for a great school year. On the first day of school students will need a backpack and a light snack. We will be spending the morning getting to know each other and doing many activities in the classroom. Be sure to make arrangements to stay WITH your child until 10:30. At that time we will be going to the cafeteria to practice going through the lunch line (especially important for those students who might be getting hot lunch!) Parents are welcome to help their students buy lunch, or else just head for home to rest up for Back to School Night. I can't wait to meet you on Thursday!
Please send in the following:
- one box of tissues
- one package of Clorox wipes
- one package of Beginner-sized Black Ticonderoga three-sided pencils (Staples usually has them with 6 pencils to a package)
- one Crayola 8-color watercolor paint box with small paintbrush
- Elmer's Jumbo Glue Stick

Don't write names on them, as we all will be sharing these materials.