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What our School Counselor Does

• Talk to students on an individual basis, in groups or in classes • Help identify students with special needs • Work with potential crisis situations • Assist students , teachers, and parents • Help promote a positive school climate • Assist in academic and social growth • Act as an advocate for students Students may receive counseling services for the following:

• Feel confused, sad, anxious or lonely • Having a problem with a friend, teacher or family member • Need help making a decision • Just need someone to talk to


When you talk to a school counselor, the discussion is confidential. The only time a school counselor will disclose confidential information is if you indicate that you are planning to harm yourself or someone else or it is suspected that some type of abuse may have occurred.

College & Career Readiness

At Competitive Edge Charter Academy, one of our jobs is to get students to start thinking of their future beyond middle school and high school. One tool we provide to help with that mission is an online resource called CaliforniaColleges.edu, at www.californiacolleges.edu. This site helps students and families examine college and career options. All eighth graders will use the site this spring where they will create their own account and complete a career interest survey. The default login is: office365 email address, for example "lindam123@ycjusd.us". The default password is the student's 10 digit student ID number.

Seventh graders will take part in a career exploration activity through California Career Zone, at www.cacareerzone.org, where they will take interest inventories and begin to explore the possibilities of future careers and goals.

Sixth graders will participate in an introduction to career exploration through "The Career Game Explorer" book.

All of these activities increase student awareness and understanding of what happens after high school. To some, it might seem a bit early to start thinking about this, but it's really not too early.

Supporting School Success

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By Myra Reichmann

The following information is provided by parentfurther.com

Every child’s needs are different, but it takes more than just being smart to do well in school. Support academic success at home, and help your child succeed in school with these simple tips.

  • Instill good study habits,
  • Instill a love for reading,
  • Instill a commitment to learning.

Everyday Tips

  • Start at Home: School success starts at home. Create a homework center, a specific area in the house (such as an office desk or the kitchen table) where your child can do homework each evening. Make sure that it’s stocked with enough supplies, such as pencils, erasers, paper, a folder or two, and a calculator.
  • Do: Sit with your kids when they’re doing homework. If you have work you need to do for your job, bills to pay, or some other project, do it while your child is doing her homework, and let her know that even adults have homework. Model what it takes for school success by staying focused and not leaving until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.
  • Encourage Critical Thinking: Help your child with his homework, but make sure that you’re not doing it for him. Your role is to help him succeed in school by asking questions, giving examples, and assisting him in learning concepts, not giving him the answers. Critical thinking skills are crucial for doing well in school at every age.
  • Stay Involved: Work with high school counselors, teachers that know your child well, and your teenager to create an academic schedule from ninth to twelfth grade that challenges her and deepens her school success skills. Do: Keep your teenager growing (without boring or placing too much pressure on her) so that she gradually masters skills that will be useful for doing well in school and beyond. After each semester, talk with your teen and make necessary adjustments to the schedule to make sure that it is still appropriate.
  • Interests are Important: Encourage your kids to find books that excite them. Don’t overlook graphic novels, comic books, magazines, or other types of reading that may not interest you, but interests them. The point is to keep them reading, which promotes school success. Talk to them about what they’re reading on their own and in class, and ask which books they like and what they’re learning.
                         Parents with children


Counseling Links

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Other Resources

Graduation from high school is only a few years away, it's never too early to start planning.
California Colleges
Website for students wanting to learn about post-secondary options in the State of California.
California State University
The California State University System is the largest and most diverse university system in the United States. CSU Mentor helps to select campuses based on finances, education, how to file for admission, etc.
U-CAN College Search
Great search engine for researching colleges. This website contains relevant data in your college search.
University of California System
The UC System is among the world's great educational and research universities. More than 208,000 students attend college on ten campuses throughout California. Programs are offered in over 150 areas of study
US News and World Report College Rankings
US News and World Report rankings, research and search engine for college information.
Tutoring resources are availabe through a number of resources. See below for a few options.
Mustard Seed Tutorial Center
Mustard Seed Tutorial Center has offered a unique service of strategic, low-cost, remedial tutoring to Redlands, San Bernardino, and the Inland Empire since 1994. Utilizing a goal-oriented, individualized approach, Mustard Seed helps children who are behind academically to improve to grade level at a cost that is less than 10% of the fees charged by for-profit tutoring centers. 
Mustard Seed is located at 51 W. Olive Ave, Redlands, 92373. Phone number - (909)335-8678
University of Redlands - Jasper's Corner Homework Club
The University of Redlands is pleased to offer homework assistance to the local community free of charge. If you are interested, please contact the Office of Community Service Learning at (909) 748-8288 or click on the above link for additional information. 
Yucaipa High School Tutoring Program
Yucaipa High School has pre-screened tutors available to work with your child in your home. The cost is $15 per hour and typically the tutor will work with your child 2 - 3 times per week. Please contact the Yucaipa High School Career Center for a list of tutors. (909) 797-0106 X1173
Links to the various post-secondary military academies.
US Air Force Academy
The official web site for the U.S.Air Force Academy. It outlines all admission requirements.
US Coast Guard Academy
The official web site for the U.S.Coast Guard Academy and outlines all admission requirements.
US Military Academy (West Point)
This website includes all admission requirements for the United States MilitaryAcademy (West Point).
US Naval Academy
The official web site of the U.S. Navel Academy which outlines all admission requirements.