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What is a Concussion?

2 months ago

What is a concussion? A Concussion is when the brain has been rocked and hits the side of the skull. It will cause damage to any part that is hit. A shaking of the brain and the brain hitting the skull. The part of the brain that is hit will see the effects. Some causes of Concussions are car accidents, falls, sport injuries, helmet to helmet, hitting head on the ground, and running into another player. Anything that hits the head at a high speed. 

Prevention- You can prevent concussions by being educated and being trained by people who know a lot about concussions. You can also prevent concussions by understanding what to look for that also includes safe practices, proper tackling techniques, and proper gear but it is not 100 percent prevention. 

Steps to take after getting a concussion- Some steps you should take after getting a concussion is immediately remove from sport and have them sit down and the player will go through a protocol of check. Most of them will be awareness based. Memory is often affected so questions demanding use of memory are the most common. Another thing is the person questions first, place questions next, time questions last. A exam a doctor would do is looking at the eyes then the patient visits a doctor and he/she runs assessments to determine when a person is ready to resume regular activities. There is no test that is definitive for diagnosing a concussion. 

What Do You Do if You Suspect a Concussion?

2 months ago

After you get a concussion your head will shake for a little bit and you will not be able to do anything for a long time. If you come back and play you will get a worse concussion. please ask these questions whats your name, what time is it, and what is the president of the united states.Call 911 if you doubt.                     

What are the Potetntial longterm Effects of a Concussion?

about 1 month ago

A concussion is when the brain moves back and forth and the harder you get hit the more the brain will shake. People be ware of your son/daughter cause they might be hurt but keep them on any sports they play but make sure they use proper stuff.You can no longer play if you have a bad concussion unless the doctor says it's okay.